Make-Up and SFX

July 6 - 10 

SOLD OUT Mon-Fri 2:30 - 4:00 CST

Let your imagination run wild as you explore the science and artistry that is stage and movie makeup! Cosmetics will be your paint and the human form will be your canvas as you let your creativity take flight! This one-week session of camp is a fun, hands-on exploration into the world of stage and movie makeup. Daily activities include a variety of themes and styles. Students will be taught the fundamentals of makeup, color theory and coordination, safety, sanitation and hygiene, highlights, shading, study of face shapes and bone structure, and much, much more. For added fun, on Friday, our student makeup artists get to display their handiwork before a live audience! Students will be asked to purchase a starter make-up kit for the class if they do not already own appropriate tools.


Instructor: Grace Lord

Make-Up and SFX

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  • There are no refunds if camp is within 7 days of starting. You may transfer to another camp if there is availability.