Summer Class Reviews

"The virtual summer camps at Ohlook have been a great way to keep my son involved with theater when we are not able to attend in person. The format was very engaging and easy to access. He loved getting to see his friends and teachers, working with them on class/performance in a new way! And my family had so much fun watching what they were able to accomplish! Great job Ohlook team!"

- Parent: Raise Your Voice, Camp Hollywood & Improv 1

"I've loved being able to perform, receive feedback, and speak face to face with so many inspiring and successful artists. I've learned so much and am grateful to have been in these classes."

- Chloe Meinershagen: Adv. Vocal Performance

"Now that was a dance class! It was so fun. I feel so good about myself! Trent Soyster was so nice and uplifting."

- Chloe Lopez: MT Dance Intensive

"My 8 year old has always been nervous about singing in front of people. I was so surprised when she wanted to take a singing camp with Ohlook Online. She loved the instructors, Taylor and Jason, and the class set up on the virtual platform made her feel at ease in her own house while learning how to be a better performer."

- Parent: Raise Your Voice

"Doing my very first online zoom production with Ohlook was absolutely incredible. Not only did the production help further my understanding of the technical side of theatre, it also helped me work on my own acting skills. The director, Heather Biddle, did an incredible job always working with us on our character work, inner monologues, and connecting through the screen. She worked with the cast to make sure it was high quality, and a lot of fun. Every person in the cast was absolutely thrilled to be apart of the production and do theatre in a new and creative way. The arts are extremely important, especially in times like these to lift spirits and maintain skills. Although I know the Coronavirus put a huge damper on a lot of theatre and acting opportunities, Ohlook’s zoom productions and classes are an amazing opportunity that you can be apart of!"

- Anna Machado: She Kills Monsters

“Having a class to attend, even virtually, really gave my weeks some structure & gave me something to be working on creatively while at home - and also the virtual setting made it feel less about performing or impressing whoever the instructor was & more based on me & my own journey to improve. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Ohlook Online, entirely safe & the professionals they bring in give invaluable wisdom & training.” 

- Trevor Turnbow: Broadway Dance & Playwriting Workshop

"During the summer I’ve always counted it as a time to “take a break” but being involved at Ohlook there is no way you possibly can. The classes they offer you can’t pass up, the way we worked with people who have been on broadway and know the industry was so helpful for people who want to do this for a living. My favorite memory/moment out of all the classes I took this summer was when I was doing my monologue in the Advanced Acting Intensive with Grace Lord and my computer just decided to break and it made this really weird noise.... I was kinda scared. You might be wondering “why is that your favorite memory?” Well, it’s my favorite because it just shows how flexible Ohlook is. Even when my technology was not working and I was scrambling Ohlook still makes sure you get the best quality training, they work WITH AND FOR YOU!!! That’s what makes Ohlook sooooo amazing! So if you want to do this in the future and or college auditions are coming up you HAVE TO join Ohlook!"

- Donata Bova Ford: Adv. Acting Intensive, MT Dance Intensive, & Broadway Dance

"Ohlook Online has been such a great experience for me! I’ve learned so much from my classes, and it’s  honestly one of the only thing that’s been keeping me sane these past few months!! I’ve gotten the opportunities to learn with so many cool teachers, and I’ve gotten to work with a ton of students that I probably wouldn’t have been able to work with before. Since the classes are offered online, the possibilities are endless!"

- Sydney Haygood: Tap Intensive, The Broadway Revue, MT Jazz, & Broadway Swing