Zoom Production Information

Guidelines for participation in Zoom Productions:

1. You must have a computer or device that is dedicated to you for any live moments during the production and for rehearsals.

2. You must have reliable internet service.

3. You need another device in order to play sound - the sound and the video need to be on separate devices in order to get the best result.

4. Earbuds or in ear headphones are needed for rehearsals and for any items that need to be recorded.

5. Many numbers will need to be pre-recorded for musicals. There will be a schedule of when these recordings are due and you must adhere to this schedule. If your videos are not submitted by the deadline you will not be in that number.  (A schedule with audio/video recording deadlines and guidelines for recording will be given at the first rehearsal).

6. You will be expected to do many more "behind the scenes" jobs than in a normal musical. You will be taught how to navigate around Zoom - turning on and off your camera, turning your sound on and off, adding virtual backgrounds, in addition to recording audio and video of yourself for the pre-recorded numbers. We will help you with this, but know that there will be work for you outside of group rehearsal time.

7. You are expected to sit up, leave your camera on, stay in sight on your camera, and participate in all group rehearsals.